What is fediverse?


A good analogy for the fediverse is email.

You're probably using Gmail. Or perhaps Outlook. Or Yahoo Mail.

Regardless of your choice, you can send an email to anyone in the world without knowing or caring what service they use.


This is not the case for social media

If you're on Instagram or TikTok, and your friends or celebrities you like are on Twitter, or Facebook, you will have to sign up for each separate service to stay in touch with them.

Good point

But what if you could sign up for just one site, and follow anyone in the world, just like sending them an email?

That's exactly what fediverse lets you do.


Fediverse is a common name for social media sites that cooperate instead of competing.

And every major social media site has a great alternative in the fediverse, so it doesn't matter if you're into sharing images, videos, news, or just short quips. You will find your home.